Bi-Fold Doors for Summer Houses

Published 8 May 2021 by Sternfenster

Bi-fold doors are an ideal investment for summer houses, garden rooms and conservatories. Bi-fold door designs are one of the most expansive on the market, with multiple panels of glass and slimline frames. Because of this, they open up living spaces to nature even when they’re closed. And, when they’re open, these doors can provide a seamless entrance into the outside world.

It’s this quality that makes bi-fold doors ideal for summer houses. Summer houses are already a sleek design, and bi-fold doors blend seamlessly with these spaces. Not only that, bi-fold doors can work well in other extended spaces. If you have a garden room, bi-fold doors make it easy to get into and out of. And, in conservatories and extensions, they connect your home and your garden in style.

At Sternfenster, we can offer bi-fold doors for summer houses that are fully bespoke to your home. You can choose any part of your design to suit your space. Everything will be in your control, from colours to glazing options to the number of panels in your doors. And, with our Sternfenster Approved Installers across the nation, you’ll find a trusted local company to install them.

bi-fold doors

Bi-Fold Doors Designs for Summer Houses

So, why do bi-fold doors work so well for summer houses? Firstly, the design of bi-fold doors is almost fully glazed. Bi-fold doors can come with slimline aluminium frames, which can offer superb performance in slim shapes. Along with the full glass panels, this creates a door that could replace a wall with a stunning sightline.

Secondly, bi-fold doors operate seamlessly for summer houses. Bi-fold doors operate on an in-line slider, meaning all you have to do to open them is push the doors along a track. From there, the glass panels fold in on themselves, meaning the whole system concertinas into the corner of the room. Because of this, summer houses can be at one with nature in the summer, and they’re ideal for making your garden more accessible with a low threshold option.

Finally, bi-fold doors can keep summer houses comfortable. Your doors will have highly durable profiles and double glazing in their design, meaning they’ll have excellent insulation. Not only that, bi-fold doors reduce glare, meaning your space won’t become difficult to use. Because of this, the design of bi-fold works perfectly for summer houses and other extended spaces.

Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors for summer houses

Bi-Fold Doors for Summer Houses and More

Bi-fold doors aren’t just suited to summer houses. If you have another space in your home that could use them, then bi-fold doors are a brilliant investment anywhere. For example, you could replace a wall of your home with bi-fold doors. By doing this, you can make your garden open to everybody, and you could get rid of an old, narrow back door that isn’t as easy to use.

If you have a conservatory or extension, bi-fold doors work brilliantly too. In these spaces, the versatility of these designs becomes even more useful. While bi-fold doors can bring nature closer for summer houses, conservatories and more, they can connect your home to other spaces seamlessly. And, if you want privacy between these spaces, bi-fold doors can also work well as a partition.

Finally, bi-fold doors work well outside your home. If you have a garden room, these doors create an easy opening while also protecting you from the elements. Bi-fold doors are fully weatherproof, and they come with advanced hardware to keep you safe from wind and rain. So, in your garden room, bi-fold doors will help you stay cosy no matter the weather outside.

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Sternfenster Bi-Fold Doors for Summer Houses

So, if bi-fold doors are ideal for summer houses, where should you get them? With Sternfenster, you’ll be able to get them from hundreds of installers. With our network of Approved Installers, you can fit market-leading bi-fold doors with local installers anywhere in the country. And, with our high-quality designs, you’ll make a winning investment in your home.

We offer the Visoline 1000 series of aluminium bi-fold doors for summer houses, a stunning design from our aluminium partners Smart. Smart’s highly durable profiles perform for decades, and they protect the internal hardware of our doors from wind and rain. Not only that, our aluminium bi-fold doors can protect any space in your home from burglars and intruders. Our bi-fold doors have Secured by Design approval for your peace of mind.

It’s easy to install our bi-fold doors for summer houses, garden rooms, conservatories and more inside your home as well. You can find a Sternfenster Approved Installer in minutes with our friendly search function. From there, you can speak to them to arrange your installation. Not only that, you can create bespoke bi-fold doors for summer houses from our wide range of options.

Bi-Fold Doors for Summer Houses Prices

Find out how much you could save on bi-fold doors for summer houses today with Sternfenster!

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